Integrated Loan Management
and integrated and independent Servicer
ETC Real Estate offers

ETC Real Estate doesn´t manage own assets, this guarantees no conflict of interest to credit companies and investors.


Global vision oriented to efficiency and profitability optimization. Integrated and coordinated management of friendly, legal and real estate negotiation.


We incorporate a comprehensive technology platform that allows traceability
of each of the stages of the debt and the asset´s life.


Consultancy, valuation and investment management, friendly and legal collections and Real Estate, defining the best strategy in each case.

Independent Loan Servicer

A service that responds to a market need for an independent and efficient management of debt portfolio with real estate assets as a warrantee.

Integrated management of mortage loans

A Servicer to manage mortage assets both financial and adjudicate including among others: residential mortages, sales, shopping centres, soil and others.

About ETC Real Estate

ETC Real Estate is born form the alliance between TDX Indigo, from the Equifax Group and Cobralia.

The agreement reached will let integrate in a unique servicer, the strenghts and experience of each of the parts.

Know-how in asset valuation and master servicing

Solutions in credit information

Excellence in credit management


We are over 500 professionals in Spain, developed in entities which combine experience and consulting, valuations and investment management, recovery management, both legal and friendly.

We have a modular system end-to-end which enables us to manage secured loans and assets throughout the whole life-cycle.